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Circular Knitting Needles – Basic Facts

Knitting series: rib knit, threads and circular needles at work

Knitting series: rib knit, threads and circular needles at work

Here are some wonderful circular knitting needle facts.

Circular knitting needles are similar to the ordinary straight needle.  The only difference between them is the flexible cord that joins together the two pointed needle ends. Circular knitting needles are made from the same materials that regular strait knitting needles are normally made from.

As such there are several different types of circulars. These include plastic, bamboo, metal, wood, rasin and the Addi turbo which are composed of nickel-plated aluminum.  There are even interchangeable knitting needle sets available.  The most popular being Denise interchangeable.

Some may say that the materials that circular knitting needles are made of greatly affect the quality of knitting that the knitter can do.  But I think that it is really just a matter of each knitter’s personal preference.  My personal favorite is bamboo, but my best friend loves how light her plastic circular knitting needles are.

Circular knitting needles can be bought either in a fixed format or an interchangeable format. The fact that circular knitting needles come in interchangeable styles is a unique quality that only exists with circular needles.  For fixed format, the needle is permanently joined to the cord while in interchangeable format you can change needles according to the needle size that you prefer to use.

Circular knitting needles generally come in sizes ranging 3 to 15.  The cord that you use depends upon the circumference of the project that you want to make.  The most common cord length sizes range from 16 to 60 inches.  The length of the circular needles that you plan to use depends on the pattern that you plan to make.  Take note that the length your circular knitting needle cord should never be greater than the expected circumference of the finished object.

When knitting with circular knitting needles make sure that the weight of the stitches are well distributed on the cord.  If you are careful to do that you can easily carry on large projects or work with heavy yarns because circular knitting needles hold the stitches in place.  Many knitters say that knitting with circular knitting needles the best for bulky projects like Afghans and blankets.

Another interesting fact about circular knitting needles is that they allow knitters the ability to try out different stitches without any problem. The circular needles can help you without thinking about the twisting of the stitches.

Knitters who work with circular knitting needles know and rave about the enjoyable experiences that they have with them. They are great to use, you can work fast, neat and smooth. By using these needles you can easily produce beautiful and amazing craft projects. And once you are acquainted with circular knitting needles, you might wonder how you ever did without them!

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Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles – Are They Really Good in Quality?

Bamboo circular knitting needles found to be easier to use and tend not to split the yarn as easily compared to other types of knitting needles. It can be carbonized and much more heavier than regular knitting needles but offering greater resistance and strength while at the same time firmly and securely holding the stitches together without this being overwhelming job.

In fact, bamboo circular knitting needles are a great choice for beginning knitters and any other knitters who like a warm, organic feeling to their knitting needles. They are very lightweight and smooth, helping more experienced knitters knit quickly without mistakes. Aside from that, bamboo circular needles give a similar experience to wooden needles but bamboo circular knitting needles often are cheaper, easier to find and available in a wider variety of sizes.

These needles actually do not really need a lot of care but if you use them a lot, you may find out that they will benefit from a light sanding every now and then to keep them nice and smooth and to keep the tips from breaking your yarn. With just a little bit of preservation you should be able to enjoy your bamboo circular knitting needles for the years to com.

Bamboo circular knitting needles thus offer a great utility in the hands of those willing to simplify and at the same time optimize your work, whether it is something as a complicated as a sweater or a pullover or even something as simple as a pair of socks. Bamboo circular knitting needles are simply a must in any knitter’s arsenal of knitting utensils.

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If you want to buy Denis Interchangeable Needles here‘s what you will get

The Denise kit contains:

  • 10 needle tips ranging from US #5 – #15 (mm 3.75 – mm 10)
  • Several cables in various lengths: 9″, 13″, 16″, 20″, 30″, 34″
  • 2 connectors, so you can further adjust the length of your cables,
  • 2 end caps, so you can use the cables as stitch holders or as straight needles, and a well organized case.
  • There are also much longer cables and extra large needle tips available separately.

The Knit Picks set comes with:

  • Tips sizes #4 – 11
  • 4 cables: 2 of 24″ and 2 at 32″
  • 1 Knitting Needle Case with 6 Knitting Needle Pockets (2 single, 2 double, 2 triple), 8 End Caps and 2 Cable Keys

Let’s take a look on details about the pros and cons of Denise interchangeable needles. If you want to use Denise interchangeable needles you will enjoy a good range of needles from size 5 to 15; the cable joins are smooth and sturdy, they won’t snag or come apart; needles are very light and comfortable to work with; cables can be joined for a variety of cable lengths; and the needles are labelled with sizes for easy pairing.

If there are good things about this needle set, some people reported that there are smaller ranges of sizes than some other products, though larger needles may be ordered separately; the joins are not always smooth; and light-colored needles width size stamped on them is difficult to read.

Interestingly, Denise system was created by the original designers of the Needlemaster, Lorraine and Roberr Linstead. They weren’t completely happy with the Needlemaster, particularly the tendency for the points to come untwisted from the cables, so they developed the special locking mechanism that is used on the Denise needles. The locking mechanism that joins the needles to the cable is much more secure than the screw-in interchangeable method.

The needles are now sold by Linda Krag and family, and are available at many yarn shops around the world as well as online.

You can now try to use Denise Interchangeable needle set and see how this works for you.

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Addi Circular Knitting Needles

If you are looking for wonderful needles that can increase your knitting speed – Addi Circular Knitting Needles are the one you are looking for. Just read below to discover why Addi circular knitting needle is the world’s famous and a staple for serious knitters around the world.

Circular needles are becoming more and more popular in the industry of knitting and crocheting and the Addi circular knitting needles are the best selling needles in the range. One of its popular line products is the Addi Turbo circular knitting needles.

Addi Turbo has a consistently smooth join and high quality construction throughout. These are perfect needles for beginner or advanced knitters who want the ultimate in speed and precision knitting. Addi turbo circular needles are made of hollow brass and have perfectly shaped tips that are nickel plated. The lightweight tips allow the stitches to glide over for fast, comfortable and quiet knitting.

Once you knit with the ‘Turbo’, you will crave the speed, pliability, seamless join, and lightweight feel. Nickel plated brass tips will not tarnish, rust, or discolor. The flexible nylon join is extremely pliable.

It comes with variety of sizes you can choose for from 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, and 150cm length that are just perfect for knitting all around!

Addi Circular Knitting Needles also presented their newest product, the Addi Turbo Lace Circular knitting Needles. These needles are specifically designed for the needs of lace knitters. It has a shaper tips that enables the knitter to manipulate many strands of very fine yarn. The needles themselves are made with hollow brass with a fine resin protective coating to seal the brass and provide a hint of drag to the needle surface to allow the knitter to keep control over fine lace stitches.

The coating also deadens the sound of needles hitting each other. The light red transparent nylon cord is thinner and more flexible than standard Addi Turbos and the connection to the needles at each end is perfectly smooth and well-tapered allowing stitches to pass over the connection with no catching.

These needles come in very wide ranges of sizes from 1.5 to 8.0mm and in lengths from 40 cm (16 inches) to 150 cm (60 inches).

The good thing in here is that circulars work just like straight needles have the same technique but the benefits are better weight distribution of the knitted item which reduces the tension on your wrists and the added joy of never searching for that missing straight needle down the side of the sofa !

The Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles continue to be the most popular online today! You won’t believe how smooth and fast you’ll be able to knit!

Just enjoy knitting and crocheting on these Addi Circular Knitting Needles and experience the finest needle in the market.

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How to Use Circular Knitting Needles

Knitting with Circular knitting needles is a worthwhile experience. It is like knitting in a round or as you would use like in regular knitting needles. These needles are useful for knitting in a round which will let you make seamless garments like hat, bags or sweater sleeves. These are also useful when you are knitting heavy materials such as afghan or shawl.

If you have never tried circular knitting needles, I would really recommend them for ease of use, speed and comfort once you get to use to them.

Here is an easy step by step instruction on how to use circular knitting needles in your craft projects:

Step #1: Gather the all the materials or things that you will need such as circular knitting needles, yarn, stitch marker, knitting pattern (optional).

Step #2: Cast on the required number of stitches. You need to cast first on or pick up stitches to have a foundation of stitches on your circular needles just as you would in straight knitting. In preparation for joining, arrange the stitches so that they are not twisted.

Step #3: The hardest part in knitting with round is joining the ends together. You need to twist all the stitches to the opposite end of the needle and the most important thing to remember is you must avoid twisting when you join because once you twisted them you will never make it untwisted again. So you are making sure that the stitches are took off on at the same directions.

Step #4: Hold the needles together with the first stitch that you cast on at the top of your left hand needle and the last stitch that you cast on at the top of your right hand needle. You will need to bring it up and pull it real tight and knit the first stitch.

Step #5: Put a marker at the top of the needle on the right hand. This will mark the beginning of a new row every time that you come to it. You can also use a thread with different color.

Step #6: Just keep on knitting and you will go away round. Your knitting will be joined together because of the way that you are holding the needles. You will find that you need to periodically redistribute the stitches evenly around the circular needle so that they do not pull.

Step #7: Continue working until you come to the marker. This marks the completion of the first round. Slip the marker to the right needle and continue working the number of rounds required.

Step #8: Then you can do whatever pattern you want.

That’s it! This is the simple process in knitting using the circular needles or knitting on a round. Just remember all the steps listed above and you are ready to go knitting with your circular knitting needles.

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