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Addi Circular Knitting Needles

If you are looking for wonderful needles that can increase your knitting speed – Addi Circular Knitting Needles are the one you are looking for. Just read below to discover why Addi circular knitting needle is the world’s famous and a staple for serious knitters around the world.

Circular needles are becoming more and more popular in the industry of knitting and crocheting and the Addi circular knitting needles are the best selling needles in the range. One of its popular line products is the Addi Turbo circular knitting needles.

Addi Turbo has a consistently smooth join and high quality construction throughout. These are perfect needles for beginner or advanced knitters who want the ultimate in speed and precision knitting. Addi turbo circular needles are made of hollow brass and have perfectly shaped tips that are nickel plated. The lightweight tips allow the stitches to glide over for fast, comfortable and quiet knitting.

Once you knit with the ‘Turbo’, you will crave the speed, pliability, seamless join, and lightweight feel. Nickel plated brass tips will not tarnish, rust, or discolor. The flexible nylon join is extremely pliable.

It comes with variety of sizes you can choose for from 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, and 150cm length that are just perfect for knitting all around!

Addi Circular Knitting Needles also presented their newest product, the Addi Turbo Lace Circular knitting Needles. These needles are specifically designed for the needs of lace knitters. It has a shaper tips that enables the knitter to manipulate many strands of very fine yarn. The needles themselves are made with hollow brass with a fine resin protective coating to seal the brass and provide a hint of drag to the needle surface to allow the knitter to keep control over fine lace stitches.

The coating also deadens the sound of needles hitting each other. The light red transparent nylon cord is thinner and more flexible than standard Addi Turbos and the connection to the needles at each end is perfectly smooth and well-tapered allowing stitches to pass over the connection with no catching.

These needles come in very wide ranges of sizes from 1.5 to 8.0mm and in lengths from 40 cm (16 inches) to 150 cm (60 inches).

The good thing in here is that circulars work just like straight needles have the same technique but the benefits are better weight distribution of the knitted item which reduces the tension on your wrists and the added joy of never searching for that missing straight needle down the side of the sofa !

The Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles continue to be the most popular online today! You won’t believe how smooth and fast you’ll be able to knit!

Just enjoy knitting and crocheting on these Addi Circular Knitting Needles and experience the finest needle in the market.

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