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How to Use Circular Knitting Needles

Knitting with Circular knitting needles is a worthwhile experience. It is like knitting in a round or as you would use like in regular knitting needles. These needles are useful for knitting in a round which will let you make seamless garments like hat, bags or sweater sleeves. These are also useful when you are knitting heavy materials such as afghan or shawl.

If you have never tried circular knitting needles, I would really recommend them for ease of use, speed and comfort once you get to use to them.

Here is an easy step by step instruction on how to use circular knitting needles in your craft projects:

Step #1: Gather the all the materials or things that you will need such as circular knitting needles, yarn, stitch marker, knitting pattern (optional).

Step #2: Cast on the required number of stitches. You need to cast first on or pick up stitches to have a foundation of stitches on your circular needles just as you would in straight knitting. In preparation for joining, arrange the stitches so that they are not twisted.

Step #3: The hardest part in knitting with round is joining the ends together. You need to twist all the stitches to the opposite end of the needle and the most important thing to remember is you must avoid twisting when you join because once you twisted them you will never make it untwisted again. So you are making sure that the stitches are took off on at the same directions.

Step #4: Hold the needles together with the first stitch that you cast on at the top of your left hand needle and the last stitch that you cast on at the top of your right hand needle. You will need to bring it up and pull it real tight and knit the first stitch.

Step #5: Put a marker at the top of the needle on the right hand. This will mark the beginning of a new row every time that you come to it. You can also use a thread with different color.

Step #6: Just keep on knitting and you will go away round. Your knitting will be joined together because of the way that you are holding the needles. You will find that you need to periodically redistribute the stitches evenly around the circular needle so that they do not pull.

Step #7: Continue working until you come to the marker. This marks the completion of the first round. Slip the marker to the right needle and continue working the number of rounds required.

Step #8: Then you can do whatever pattern you want.

That’s it! This is the simple process in knitting using the circular needles or knitting on a round. Just remember all the steps listed above and you are ready to go knitting with your circular knitting needles.

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