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In spite of the fact that knitters that use circular knitting needles love using them, many new knitters and even experienced knitters have never tried using them. I use them and I love to use them! Circular knitting needles are so easy to use and comfortable, not to mention fast.

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Circular Knitting Needles – Basic Facts

Knitting series: rib knit, threads and circular needles at work

Knitting series: rib knit, threads and circular needles at work

Here are some wonderful circular knitting needle facts.

Circular knitting needles are similar to the ordinary straight needle.  The only difference between them is the flexible cord that joins together the two pointed needle ends. Circular knitting needles are made from the same materials that regular strait knitting needles are normally made from.

As such there are several different types of circulars. These include plastic, bamboo, metal, wood, rasin and the Addi turbo which are composed of nickel-plated aluminum.  There are even interchangeable knitting needle sets available.  The most popular being Denise interchangeable.

Some may say that the materials that circular knitting needles are made of greatly affect the quality of knitting that the knitter can do.  But I think that it is really just a matter of each knitter’s personal preference.  My personal favorite is bamboo, but my best friend loves how light her plastic circular knitting needles are.

Circular knitting needles can be bought either in a fixed format or an interchangeable format. The fact that circular knitting needles come in interchangeable styles is a unique quality that only exists with circular needles.  For fixed format, the needle is permanently joined to the cord while in interchangeable format you can change needles according to the needle size that you prefer to use.

Circular knitting needles generally come in sizes ranging 3 to 15.  The cord that you use depends upon the circumference of the project that you want to make.  The most common cord length sizes range from 16 to 60 inches.  The length of the circular needles that you plan to use depends on the pattern that you plan to make.  Take note that the length your circular knitting needle cord should never be greater than the expected circumference of the finished object.

When knitting with circular knitting needles make sure that the weight of the stitches are well distributed on the cord.  If you are careful to do that you can easily carry on large projects or work with heavy yarns because circular knitting needles hold the stitches in place.  Many knitters say that knitting with circular knitting needles the best for bulky projects like Afghans and blankets.

Another interesting fact about circular knitting needles is that they allow knitters the ability to try out different stitches without any problem. The circular needles can help you without thinking about the twisting of the stitches.

Knitters who work with circular knitting needles know and rave about the enjoyable experiences that they have with them. They are great to use, you can work fast, neat and smooth. By using these needles you can easily produce beautiful and amazing craft projects. And once you are acquainted with circular knitting needles, you might wonder how you ever did without them!

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