What Type of Circular Knitting Needles are Right for Me?

Many beginner knitters and even experienced knitters have never tried circular knitting needles before, but knitters that use them generally love using them. I too love to use them! If you have never tried knitting with circular knitting needles, it is time to get into the loop of circular knitting, so to speak.

So, what do you need to know about circular knitting needles? Here are some of its wonderful facts.

Circular knitting needles are available in the same materials as all of the regular strait knitting needles.  Common circular knitting needle materials include plastic, bamboo, metal, wood, and the Addi turbo which are composed of nickel-plated aluminum.

Circular knitting needles are available in two formats, individual circular knitting needles or interchangeable knitting needle sets.  The individual or “fixed” circular knitting needles are knitting needles which are permanently attached to the cord while with the interchangeable format you can change needles according to your personal preference.

Circular knitting needles generally come with a range from 3 to 15 and the cord can buy according to your circumference of the object. Commonly the needle length sizes ranges from 16 to 60 inches.

Circular knitting needles are similar to ordinary straight needles.  The only difference between them in how they look is the flexible cord that joins the two pointed needle ends.  But that one small difference makes a big difference as you will see.

When you knit with circular knitting needles and the weight of the stitches is well distributed on it, you can easily carry on large projects or work with heavy yarns because these needles hold the stitches in place.

In fact, many knitters say that knitting with circular knitting needles is predominantly useful for bulky projects like Afghans and blankets.

Working with circular knitting needles is an enjoyable experience. They are great to use, they are quick and neat and smooth. By using these needles you can easily produce beautiful and amazing craft projects. And once you are acquainted with circular knitting needles, you might wonder why you did not use them until now!